We carry out valuations of buildings and Chattels, Crop/Economic trees enumeration, Plant and Machinery, Stock Exchange Quotations, General Accountancy, Insurance and Taxation. This we carry out by the integration of high Professional Standards and Research combined with market forces to arrive at a fair value.

Valuation requires a logical process, which involves a scientific solution to a valuation request. We approach valuation by specifying the physical structures involved, the rights to be valued, the purpose of valuation, type of value sought and the date at which valuation will apply.

The resultant valuation will be presented in a report encompassing the data collected, our observation of findings and opinion of value of the property or interest based on the purpose for which the exercise is been intended.

We have undertaken several valuation jobs on behalf of our clients, banks, corporate organizations, States and Federal Government etc.

We have also played advisory roles as independent Valuers to banks on the value of properties mortgaged by their customers.

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