The city of Atlanta GA is one of the most progressive cities in the world with the ranking of 8th largest economy in the United States and 17th largest in worldwide.

Corporate operations play a major role in the economy as the city boasts of the third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies that includes The Coca-Cola Company, The Home Depot, Delta Air Lines, AT&T Mobility, and UPS. Delta Air Lines operates the world’s largest airline hub, making the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport the busiest airport both in passenger traffic and aircraft operations.

Hollywood of the South – The numbers don’t lie. In recent years Georgia has silently become the number one place in the world to film television and movies. Media plays a very important role to Atlanta’s economy, the founder of CNN Teddy Turner established the headquarters of both the CABLE NEWS NETWORK and the TURNER BROADCASTING SYSTEM. Atlanta is the home of the third largest cable television and the publisher of over a dozen of American newspapers, the COX Enterprises

Economic development wins, solid population growth and a housing recovery will combine to give Georgia another year of strong growth, according to the annual economic forecast from The University of Georgia. Employment growth of 2 percent will significantly outpace the natural average of 1.1 percent last year. Between the support personnel, infrastructure and increasing workforce development, Atlanta has been steadily securing a stable and exciting future. With Atlanta’s booming economy there is never a question if you should invest here.


Fix and Flip: The Atlanta market is returning to its glory days since the crash of the market in 2008. Deals to fix and flip are gradually running out. However, as we have our boots on the ground, we are able to sniff out good deals for investors who want to buy run down properties, renovate and sell for a tidy profit. Some of the properties are sourced from tax sales, short sales (bank foreclosures) and off market deals. We are also able to match lenders and borrowers together to fund some fix and flip projects.

Regulation D / Hedge Fund – pool monies and diversify with other investors, fund will be used to purchase all types of Georgia real estate in specified counties, FULTON, DEKALB, COBB, etc. –  land, single family and multi-family properties via auction, direct mail campaign to seller or local multiple listing service to fix & flip or buy & hold. Fund can also be leveraged to take down assemblage projects including re-zoning, to maximize returns within a 3 – 5 year term Investment Strategy.

Buy and Hold

We source properties to fit almost every budget. There is a healthy supply of tenants which ensures that the investor who wants a steady stream of income is able to achieve his investment objectives. We would handle the entire process from purchase, to property management, all the way to disposal at the right time. Our objective is to ensure a seamless process for our investors.

Sample return on investment on a townhouse in Atlanta, USA:

Purchase price                                 $90,000 (N33,750,000.00)

Annual rental income                    $11,400 (N4,275,000.00)

Typical costs will include:

Home owners association fee       $600

Real estate taxes                             $900

Insurance                                          $650

Net cash return on investment:     $9,250 (N3,468,750.00)-

Note that a typical property in Lagos bought for N32 million will fetch rent of about N1,500,000 per annum

Yield**                                                10.28%

(PS: Conversion done using NAFEX rate as of 4th March, 2019)

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